Hollywood Running Scared

November 26, 2004

More on just how “happy” TV execs are with television torrents….

“There is also a more brutal strategy in the works. In his forum speech, [News Corp COO] Chernin said: “Consumers need to understand that stealing is wrong, and there are consequences.” Those consequences are lawsuits. Last week, the Motion Picture Association of America sued an unspecified number of U.S. citizens who allegedly scoop movies online, asking for damages of up to US$150,000 per film traded. Hollywood hopes that a round of legal salvoes will pre-empt TV piracy before it goes mainstream.”

“After all, when the Recording Industry Association of America launched cases against more than 6,000 music downloaders last year, the pace of file sharing seemed to slow. That impression may have been an illusion, however, even though record companies saw an uptick in CD sales after three years of losses. Industry watchers say file sharing is as strong as ever, and getting easier and more efficient. “Regardless of what people found in the early days of lawsuits,” says Eric Garland, head of research firm BigChampagne LLC, which tracks Internet activity, “the consensus now is that file sharing is hitting all-time highs.””

(Via Slashdot)


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