HUSH M Mini-ITX Windows MCE Set-top

June 15, 2005

If you prefer your Media Center set-top boxes the way you like your partners — small, silent and drop-dead sexy — you may want to check out the new HUSH M MCE Mobile. (That’s not mobile as in you put it in a laptop bag, but mobile as in it uses a laptop CPU.)

Powered with a Pentium M (well okay, a Celeron M), the Mini-ITX based HUSH M is tiny, fanless, and wrapped in anodized aluminum, but still comes with all of the good stuff — TV & FM Encoder, DVD, 5.1 Audio, onboard Ethernet, built-in MCE remote receiver, and 160 gig of hard drive to store all of your content on. It also comes preloaded with MCE 2005 (of course), Microsoft Works, and PowerDVD 6.

Prices start at 1400 Euros…

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