iMac Display Calibration

March 14, 2008

Display Calibrator Assistant
After living on Powerbooks and Macbook Pros for the past four years or so, I’m in the process of making the switch to a 24″ iMac instead. So far, all has gone well, except for a steadily increasing loathing of the display.

Everyone’s taste is different and everyone’s room lighting is different, but for me, the iMac display was way, way way too bright. Even cranking the “brightness” down all of the way, I was still seeing issues like white text on dark backgrounds “blooming”.

Fortunately, the fix turns out to be pretty easy.

If you’re having similar issues, go into “Displays” in System Preferences, click on “Color”, “Calibrate”, and be sure to check the “Expert Mode” option.

This will walk you though the typical “slide these controls until this object matches the background” tests in order to adjust your monitor for your room lighting (of course, be sure your room is lit as it normally is before doing this).

Once I ran through the adjustments, I ended up with a “calibrated” display profile that was much different than the “standard” iMac profile, and which solved pretty much all of my issues with the display.

Granted, this is a little obvious, but since I’m used to adjusting the settings on an external monitor first, before going to calibration, I got a little lost with the minimal amount of adjustment (outside of the display profiles) available on the iMac’s internal display.

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