In Egypt, Cellphone Jailbreaks YOU

April 16, 2008

Of course, it wasn’t so much the cellphone that did the trick as it was Twitter:

When Egyptian police scooped up UC Berkeley graduate journalism student James Karl Buck, who was photographing a noisy demonstration, and dumped him in a jail cell last week, they didn’t count on Twitter.

Buck, 29, a former Oakland Tribune multimedia intern, used the ubiquitous short messaging service to tap out a single word on his cellular phone: ARRESTED. The message went out to the cell phones and computers of a wide circle of friends in the United States and to the mostly leftist, anti-government bloggers in Egypt who are the subject of his graduate journalism project.

The next day, he walked out a free man with an Egyptian attorney hired by UC Berkeley at his side and the U.S. Embassy on the phone.

So who still thinks Twitter is useless?

(from Mercury News)

(that title would have worked so much better had it been an iPhone <sigh>)

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One Response to “In Egypt, Cellphone Jailbreaks YOU”

  1. Barbara Ling on May 25th, 2008 3:30 pm

    That was a very powerful moving story when it happened. It’s amazing how such technologies can mobilize entire swathes of people….


    Barbara Lings last blog post..Must See – Clever Evolution of the Mobile Cell Phone

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