Indie Coffee Finder

April 5, 2005

Delocator promises to find you a cup of coffee in your area that’s NOT the same ol’ grande by the same ol’ earthtones & mermaid crowd.

A nice idea, except that a) they seem to be determined to use popups (come on, folks — do you really want to make IE users that haven’t installed updates your primary audience?) and b) they only find 1 indie coffee shop in my area (which granted, isn’t the left coast, but still has more than a few), and by “my area” they mean 15 miles in traffic across town.

Of course, they also list 15 Starbucks in the same area (are we sure the mermaid crew isn’t behind this somewhere?)

Still, a nice try, although it’ll be nicer if they can get the word out to all of the indies to drop by and submit their information for the database.

Of course, anyone can submit information to grow the database, but hey — it’s not that I don’t get all civic minded occasionally, but I’m not going to track down the names and numbers of all of the local coffee shops and try to determine who’s in business and who isn’t any given day.

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