It’s a bookmark that knows somebody…

April 18, 2004

I’ve seen various references to lately, but even though I glanced at it a few times, the appeal wasn’t immediately obvious to me, and not having time to dig for it, I moved on.

This thing needs a better PR firm.

This time I actually registered and tried it. rocks.

Here’s my shot at an elevator pitch—it’s a bookmark that knows somebody.  Go register (trust me, just do it), and follow the instructions and drag a “my” link and a “post to” (or popup) link to your toolbar.  Now, when you find a site, you can use the “post” link to bookmark it.  The “tags” are essentially categories for the bookmark (think “bookmark folders”).

So what?  Bookmarks are pretty 1994.

But you can get to your bookmarks from anywhere?

Okay, we’re up to 1998.

Here’s what makes it valuable—every bookmark you have has a link to a list of everybody else who has the same bookmark.  You can then look at THEIR bookmarks (all of them).

Let’s say you have 5 bookmarks for CSS layouts (I’m a geek; so sue me).  You look at them all, can’t find what you want.  So you look at who else has the same bookmarks, and see what THEY have.  They’re geeks too, so they’ve got a handful of CSS layouts bookmarked.  Pretty soon, you’re looking at all the most notable (ie: bookmarkable) CSS layout pages out there. 

You find what you want, everybody’s happy.

Which is the point.  It’s simple searching in a new way, It’s taste-matching for bookmarks.

There are a bunch of other emergent features as people find new ways to use this (RSS feeds for bookmark lists, Blog-enabling, etc.) that I’ll look at when I have time.  For now, forget ‘em—the main point is enough.  My only wish at the moment was that there was a way to make a few bookmarks private, so I could just do away with my browser bookmarks altogether.  Maybe it’s there, and I just haven’t found it yet.

Hey, and it’s free.

Go. Sign up. Use it..


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