iTunes Add-Ons

December 1, 2004

iPodlounge has a an article on “iTunes Extreme – Killer Add-ons”.

They cover lots of visualization stuff, which is great if you like that sort of thing, plus a good handful of other plug-ins for Windows and OS X. 

After reading this, I gave Octiv’s VolumeLogic another try, and it does sound great, but it eats up a bit too much CPU performance for my taste… Oh well…

They did miss a few of my OS X freeware favorites:

  • SizzlingKeys – lets you pause and control next/prev/volume with hotkeys.
  • Make Bookmarkable – A script to make your AAC encoded files bookmarkable—in other words, they’ll resume playing where you last stopped in iTunes or on an iPod.  A good excuse to re-encode your favorite spoken word audio (perhaps some PodCasts) into AAC.
  • Track Splicer – A (somewhat quirky) script to splice multiple tracks into a single track.  I use this a lot with the previous one—taking spoken word stuff broken up into chapters or segments and making one large bookmarkable file
  • Blue Coconut – grabs files from iTunes shares

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One Response to “iTunes Add-Ons”

  1. JJ on January 30th, 2005 12:42 pm

    How Do you install blue coconut