Joffrey’s “Jamaican Me Crazy” Coffee

April 11, 2008

Joffreys Jamaican Me Crazy
Awhile back, Joffery’s Coffee and Tea was looking for bloggers interested in “beta testing” one of their coffees. Since I’m an unrepentant coffee blogger from way back, I naturally signed up.

Their sign up process asked whether I normally drank flavored or unflavored coffees (unflavored), and whether I preferred pre-ground or whole bean coffee (whole bean, naturally).

So of course, I recently found a care package from Joffrey’s in my mail box, containing a packet of their pre-ground “Jamaican Me Crazy” coffee, flavored with caramel, vanilla and coffee liqueur — I guess I needed a change of pace? lol…

Oh well, “beta testers” can’t always be choosers. This afternoon I decided to fire up some Jamaican Me Crazy in my trusty Barista Aroma, and see what it had to offer.

You know, for flavored coffee, this isn’t bad. For starters, despite being pre-ground, it remained fairly fresh. I’m real pickly about stale notes in my coffee, but there wasn’t a hint of that here.

What can I say about the flavor? I’m not sure what the base origin or blend is, but it’s probably not anything terribly close to Jamaican Blue Mountain, despite the name. Maybe something like a Brazilian, without much character other than a nice buttery mouth feel and smooth finish, which this has in spades.

The vanilla’s definitely there, but the caramel is much more subtle. I’m not sure what coffee liqueur imparts to coffee, other than sweetness, which this has bunches of. I’m a black coffee guy in general, but I can’t imagine anyone adding sugar to this. It’s nice and sweet and smooth right in the cup. The aftertaste is pure vanilla.

On the whole, what I notice most is that for a flavored coffee, it’s nicely balanced. The flavor is definitely there and noticeable, but it doesn’t completely overwhelm the taste of the coffee itself, the way many flavored coffees do.

I probably won’t be going out of my way to get more Jamaican Me Crazy — but I will be finishing the pot.

If you like flavored coffees, you could do far worse — it’s fresh and subtly flavored, smooth and pleasant. Me, I’d much more like to give one of their whole bean origin or blend coffees a try.

Either way, Joffrey’s was nice enough to also send along a code for 25% off on your first purchase (of any of their coffees or teas, not just the Jamaican Me Crazy) — go to the Joffrey’s Site and enter the promotional code “javabeta” when you check out. And enjoy!

Joffrey’s Jamaican Me Crazy

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