Make Firefox More Mac-like

December 3, 2005

Over at “But she’s a girl…” the author has decided to give Firefox 1.5 a try, but is a little bit peaved about the level of Mac-ness that Firefox offers… Fortunately, she also offers a fix

the main problem I’ve always had with Firefox is that it just doesn’t look very Mac-like.

After a little bit of digging, that particular problem was solved by the GrApple Eos Pro theme; very simple, stylish, and a bit like Safari without the brushed metal. Firefoxy makes form widgets a little smoother and more Mac-like, rather than the boxy Firefox-native widgets, which always seem too large to me.

These are both excellent finds — Firefox feels much more like a native Mac application with these running, without losing any of it’s other great features.

(Caution — The GrApple Eos Pro theme carries a warning about running it on anything other than a Mac — don’t. It’ll apparently tear up your Firefox if you should try it on a Windows box.)

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