Make Free Ringtones with Myxer

April 14, 2007

MyxerTones - Ringtones from your musicFor several years, one of the most popular posts here has been a nice, simple 247 step process for making your own ringtones. Download this, convert that, do something else.

There’s a MUCH simpler way — MyxerTones is quick, free, and doesn’t require a degree in obfuscation to use. Got a piece of music you want to make into a ringtone? Upload it, and Myxer will message your phone with a link to download it, in a format that works on your phone. All you pay is the cost of the text message.

Granted, this does require you to have web access on your phone, and in certain cases, it can’t guess the format (it offers you all of the possibilities; AAC worked fine on the N95), but still, this is worlds easier than anything else I’ve ever used.

Give it a shot!
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2 Responses to “Make Free Ringtones with Myxer”

  1. Brenden on October 21st, 2008 4:59 pm

    I want a tone that has a good rythem and beat,and has rap in it!! I want my freinds to think that it is cool. My freind is annoying and greety, so i want something that will make him think that it is cool!

  2. leslie on March 23rd, 2009 8:37 am

    myxer used to be the best out there but then for some reason dont send attachments anymore its just a web code. and some of us dont have fancy nets phones

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