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February 2, 2005

It’s a bit over-the-top and in-your-face, but Vincent Flanders has an analysis of the top problems he sees on sites, and this article makes very clear why these issues will hurt or kill you.

Here’s a little snippet to wet your whistle:

Non-profit organizations are the worst offenders when it comes to names and taglines (and most everything else). Here’s a typical non-profit organization’s name and tagline:

Big Hands of Hope — It’s all about compassion

No. It’s all about solving your visitors’ problems. Nothing in the name or tagline tells you this organization helps African children

Here’s an over-the-top example of a name and tagline that’s better:

Save the African Children — We keep them from dying a horrible death

Yes, the tagline has to be toned down, but at least you understand
the mission of the organization.

It goes on like that, through two pages and about 14 issues, and he’s right on the money about virtually every one of them. 

I highly recommend that you slip into your most open mind and go read through it (bearing in mind that it’s intentionally meant to be a bit offensive).

Web Pages That Suck: The biggest web design mistakes in 2004

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