Media Center Communicator

May 7, 2005

Some things are just bad ideas for some people.

One Voice Technologies now offers the “Media Center Communicator“, which lets you handle all of your Windows Media Center navigation by voice command.

Media Center Communicator revolutionizes the digital home experience by allowing you to talk to your Media Center PC. Media Center Communicator offers you the ability to transform your living room into the most advanced entertainment, multimedia and communications center imaginable.

I’m sure this is a great idea for someone out there, but if my TV started replying to voice commands, it wouldn’t take long before it had to try doing something obscene to itself…

Watching TV around here is often like Mystery Science Theater 3000 would have been had it not been restricted to basic cable vocabulary, and if they could have paused the show for really long misanthropic rants.

I blame all of this on the crappy programming out there — some shows just require a substantial amount of verbal abuse. It would be impolite not to abuse them…

Sorry…. Got off track there for a minute…

Anyway, back to Media Center Communicator. In addition to voice navigation, it also supports PC to PC and PC to phone voice calls, instant messenger, SMS and a few other ways to reach out and touch someone through your TV…

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