Media Center Show: DIY MCE

May 31, 2005

Ian Dixon talks about building your own Windows MCE 2005 system with Richard Schwab of MediaMadeEasy in this week’s Media Center Show podcast.

Richard’s site looks like it might be interesting, but since it basically doesn’t work in either Firefox or Safari, I guess I won’t be finding out for sure.

(Just a minor aside — even if you’ve got a Windows-centric product, having a site only works on IE isn’t doing yourself a lot of favors these days — for example, I use Windows to watch TV, and a Powerbook for most everything else. Even on Windows, I don’t voluntarily use IE for anything other than Windows Update — life’s just too short to spend it cleaning up spyware.)

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One Response to “Media Center Show: DIY MCE”

  1. eat people on July 19th, 2005 9:47 pm

    puke. i just checked out mista Schwab’s “MediaMadeEasy’ site. major idioth-ness.
    scruffy-headed nerfherders who lick goatsemen from their blacken’d souls create sites only viewable in internet blech-splorer. pardon my eloquence. 😉

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