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October 22, 2005

I guess I’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, since somehow I missed the buzz on tech.memeorandum.

Memeorandum itself has been out for a year or so, mapping the doings on the political sites (which I tend to avoid like herpes), and so I missed it when they came out with the tech version a few weeks ago.

What Memeorandum does — and appears to do awfully well — is put together conversations off of diverse sites — blogs and “traditional” journalism alike — into a coherent thread, and then bubble the hot topics to the top.

Wired recently posted nice writeup about Memeorandum

“If you read blogs, you know that there is this conversation and that some articles are the talk of the day, and other posts have important things to say about those,” Rivera said. “If you built graphs in your mind of what the talk looks like, I think it looks like what I’ve done. I get the sense (Memeorandum) is just a natural representation of what is already going on.”

Rivera hopes the site will appeal to more than just the überconnected, and could be useful as an entry point for those unfamiliar with blogs. To that end, the site’s design, which features large headlines and stories in declining order of importance, mimics that of an online newspaper.

Check it out…

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