More free MP3’s — Electronica, Ambient

November 25, 2004

Still more great content to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving (if you’re in the US) or at least this Thursday (if you’re anywhere else.)

Thinner/Autoplate is a net label offering some excellent Electronica and Ambient content from a large handful of artists.  Great content, high quality encoding, and even a Creative Commons license.

What they say about themselves:

Thinner’s sound varies between Ambient and Minimal House, mostly wrapped within dubby elements. To get an idea about the ambient side of Thinner, please download the Ambient Dub Standard Mix (MP3, 125MB) by DJ krill.minima here.

For a more beaty and fluffy side of Thinner’s approach to Minimal House, check out the House Standard Mix (MP3, 95MB), assembled by deluge – download here.

Go check it out.  If you like it, buy a T-Shirt or something and show you appreciate ‘em.

(Via MeFi)


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