More Things in Heaven and Earth…

August 1, 2004

…than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Or at least in mine, anyway.

It’s official. My subconscious is a complete boob at times. A well meaning boob, no doubt, but a complete boob no less anyway.

August the first has tended to be an auspicious day in my life over the years. Among other things, I was once married on that day; in a spasm of irony, 21 years later, I was divorced on that same day. In between, I somehow managed to have an annual streak of bad luck that hit at that time, probably mostly because I tended to expect it to happen, and our subconscious is big on meeting expectations like that.

I’m over all of that these days, with the possible exception of tending to be a bit “anxiety dream” prone (another expectation thing, probably) around that time.

Last night was pretty much par for the course, except that this time, I spent a little time breaking it down when I woke up.  That’s when I figured out that my subconcious is a boob.

Or rather, that I am.

Imagine how surprised I was to realize that the usual cast of dreams like this were people and settings that once upon a time intimidated me or stressed me out.  This includes such fiends as a mouthy little girl who told me off in fourth grade and the clock-watching receptionist of a job I held early in my career (and was chronicly a couple of minutes late for.)  A few minutes review of the thing was great for a laugh.

Wow.  It’s amazing the people I once gave the power to bother me.

It makes me wonder who I’m giving that power to now—and why.

I’ve really got to start keeping a dream journal.


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