MP3 Blogger Roundtable

August 11, 2004

Speaking of MP3 Blogs, The Morning News has posted a roundtable discussion with several serious MP3 bloggers.

Apparently there’s a fair amount of support by many of the artists, and even the occasional label (maybe the previous post isn’t all that surprising in that regard after all.)

“I get at least one email a day from an artist who wants me to link to their tunes. I am always thrilled when my weblog can be a conduit between artist and potential fan. Of course, this is why I started my site, and I benefit by discovering great music as well.”

“Recently, Quannum Projects, a label who I have long, long supported, approached me about debuting their new 12-inch on my audio blog, and in that case, I was more than happy to do it because I love their material and this single, in particular, was fantastic.”

Lots more interesting reading.  Check it out.

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One Response to “MP3 Blogger Roundtable”

  1. Victor Martin on September 2nd, 2004 6:59 pm

    I am making a Scripture Music mp3 and need materials

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