MPAA Sues TV Torrent Sites

May 13, 2005

Just in time to target nasty file-sharers who are looking to download a missed season finale or two, ZDNet reports that the MPAA has apparently filed suit against 6 more TV Torrent sites.

The latest round of suits retains a focus on BitTorrent technology, which has been widely used online to distribute movies and films.

The suits are focused on the sites that serve as traffic directors for BitTorrent swaps, rather than on individual computer users uploading and downloading content. The MPAA also has sued individuals, but has not said how many people have been targeted.

I wonder if they’ll ever figure out that they’re missing a wonderful opportunity to embrace this technology, reduce distribution costs, and sell advertising targeted at an entirely new demographic…


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One Response to “MPAA Sues TV Torrent Sites”

  1. Kenneth Kaniff on May 27th, 2005 9:00 am

    This is rediculous, the MPAA has nothing better to do than file suit huh? Well us boycotting the movies obviously isn’t going to work so I think it’s time to look at the alternatives. I think that BitTorrent technology was made too readily available for people it shouldn’t have . We should change the parameters and the way content is accessed and be sure that the police do not find out. There has to be ways . When it comes to the point were google shows Bittorrent sites to “honest” or otherwise oblivious consumersa while they cruise aol like idiots.And all they were looking for was showtimes for Star Wars and Boom Bittorrent links to D/L the free workprint. What do you expect to happen. It should have been given out to certain people only or there should again be a better method devised to distribute warez without announcing the fact we are doing so to authorities or the mainstream public. While I understand ths sucess of Bittorrent lies in the average consumer conencting and adding to the swarm but, I feel that it all could come to an unneccasary end sooner than it should and we’ll all be sittng around with our thumbs up our @#$.

    I personally think the US has policies and acts in place that rival our most hated terorist enemies. The movie industry is here to entertain and the inflated egos these people have from the billions the industry generates only fuels the need for a massive takeover and show them who is boss .

    If its made readily accessable to the right people we can level the industry and cut them off like they deserve. Maybe humble them . Technology is only going to advance so I beg them to continue thier efforts of opressing the 3L33T see where it gets them . It may look to be in thier favor now but Bitorrent is the spawn of morpheus and other such p2p that were shutdown or placed in the spotlight . The shutdowns that have been taking place barley put a dent in the ongoing revolution .

    For now I guess we’ll have to se what the court rules and deal from there but I don’t see this slowing down anytime soon .

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