Official US Update for Toshiba e-800

July 24, 2004

Two months after it was released for everybody else, Toshbia has officially released the Windows Mobile 2003 SE update for US e-800s.

According to posts on Brighthand, it’s apparently the same version released everywhere else back in May, albeit bunded with a couple of updated applications.

Why’d it take two months?  Go figure.

At least this means that if you put this on your e-800 and it happens to blow up later, you can still send it for warranty service—there were reports that if you had the non-US upgrade on your SE, they’d refuse to support it under warranty.  Several people were told that it would damage their PDA.  Apparently this problem got better, even though it’s the same version… lol..

I hope Toshiba ultimately remains in the US PDA market.  At least they’re good for a laugh every now and again…

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