On the road with Alabama 3

October 14, 2005

My favorite obscure band, Alabama 3 (known as “A3” in the US, for trademark reasons), is on tour… I came within an insane hair’s breadth of heading to London to go see them play the Astoria this week, but at the last minute, I couldn’t get it pulled together… Oh well…

In the meantime, the band’s drummer — “The Spirit” (Orlando Harrison) has shared his diary of existential angst on tour with one of the UK’s most popular live acts, and the best band you’ve never heard of…


I have slept, I’ve had a shower, I’ve had breakfast. I am a normal person. Yes I am.

It’s an easy gig. D Wayne has recovered from his psychotic episode, Rock has remembered how to play and it’s a fluffy crowd; they jump up and down and shout and scream just like they’re supposed to.

Later, on the bus, me, Ed and Davey pontificate with great articulation on the state of the music industry, then they draw faces on an apple and a tangerine and make them talk to me in funny voices. I love this business…

The rest of the article is here, and the highly unofficial fan forum is here.

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