One sunny afternoon in 2129

March 3, 2007

I swear it’s not my intent to turn this into just a collection of YouTube posts (or of Alabama3 posts, for that matter), but this was posted up over to FreeA3, and it was so good I couldn’t resist. Shame it’s not a bit longer…

Reading from left to right, that’s Rock Freebase, Devlin Love and Larry Love…

A bit of trivia from the YouTube comments…

Her stage name is Devlin Love, real name Zoe Reynolds. She’s Malaysian and married to Nick Reynolds, the harmonica player in the Larry Love Showband (and sometimes Alabama 3). He also happens to be the son of Bruce Reynolds, aka The Great Train Robber, and the subject of the Alabama 3 song “Have You Seen Bruce Richard Reynolds”. Very incestuous band!

(The song is “2129”, available (at full length) on the La Peste album)

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