One way to start a blog

January 13, 2005

Debbie Weil at BlogWrite for CEOs points readers to a series by Joe Carter on How To Start A Blog.

While it’s not necessarily the approach that I’d recommend, it’s still a very interesting read. Joe’s focus is more on “how to get attention from the blogging community as a standalone blog” than it is on how to start a business blog.

If you’re going to use a blog as part of your business web site promotional efforts, then it probably pays to devote a bit more attention to how the pages and archives are structured, paying attention to blending it smoothly into the rest of your site, how it is designed to bring in search engine traffic for your chosen market, and how it leads that traffic to convert into viable prospects and sales.

Which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with getting conventional blog traffic (in fact, you certainly hope to do so with a business blog), just that it pays to maximize the amount of bang you get for your efforts, and for your buck.

As always, keeping all of your objectives in mind pays off best.

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