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July 22, 2004

NPR’s On Point has streaming audio of an interview with futurist Ray Kurzweil on “living forever”.  Like many in the field, Kurzweil suggests that we only have to live a few more decades before we see the human lifespan become essentially unlimited. 

You can find more articles on longevity at KursweilAI.

Listening to the call-in portion of the program, it once again amazes me how many people seem to think this kind of technology means just getting older and more feeble. 

That shouldn’t be the case.  As a side effect of being able to turn back the degenerative processes, we’ll also be able to essentially pick our “physical age”. 

Which of course begs the question—how old do you WANT to be?

If you could be in the prime of physical health at any given cosmetic age, what age would you want to appear to be?

What age do you think most others would choose?  Would it be different between genders?  Or among different groups?

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