OS Adoption Process

May 3, 2005

The New OS Public Opinion Cycle:

  1. Elation
  2. Disillusionment
  3. “Bugs, Mr Rico – Zillions of ‘em!”
  4. Search for the Guilty
  5. Punishment of the Innocent
  6. Distinction for the Nay-Sayers
  7. Grudging Acceptance
  8. Reliability
  9. New Release Announcement

Having encouraged a few people to switch to Mac over the past year, I’m now hearing some serious concerns about Tiger (OS 10.4).  The Mac and general geek sites are filled with problem reports, and the folks who took my advice (buy it while there’s a good deal, shelve it until the all-clear sounds) are wondering it it’ll ever get better.

It will. 

This is all par for the course for a major OS release.  Third party programs and drivers will get upgraded, Apple will release a few bug-fix updates, and suddenly we’ll wonder what all of the hubbub was about.

In the mean time, stay low, keep moving, and look for updates for the stuff you’re running.  Avoid the rash of Tiger articles—the positive ones could make you jump before it’s safe, and the negative ones can make you wonder if this was a terrible idea. 


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