P2P by Mail – Peerflix Co-Founder Interviewed

May 23, 2005

The F-Stop Blues has a great interview with Peerflix Co-founder Billy McNair.

Peerflix is essentially a “peer-to-peer” Netflix — each DVD is assigned a value in the Peerflix system (typically 1, 2 or 3 “peerbux”); you list the DVDs you have, and the ones you want. When someone wants one you have, you mail it, and receive peerbux that are used to order DVDs on your want list. Peerflix maintains the system and trades, provides mailers, etc., and charges you $0.99 for the trade.

Even though the system is still “in beta”, it’s had a lot of media attention and growth over the past few months…

Peerflix currently has nearly 30,000 DVDs available on the network and that number is growing by the thousands each week. The availability of a growing number of titles across a wide spectrum of genres makes the Peerflix service more and more valuable and useful to our members each day!

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