Parallels, ActiveSync, & T-Mobile Dash

February 28, 2007

T-Mobile Dash - HTC ExcaliburHurray — The new version (Build 3186) of Parallels has been released, and astonishingly enough, ActiveSync under XP actually recognizes and talks to my T-Mobile Dash, running in a virtualized session under OS X on my MacBook Pro (talk about your overland routes!)

I’ve tried this a few times during the betas, with no luck, but it’s working now. Here are the steps I went through to get this thing working…

  1. If you’ve got Missing Sync installed, you’ll have to unload the Kernel Extension that grabs up the smartphone when it’s attached. The instructions are here.
  2. Be sure you’ve got Parallels configured to have access to your USB devices. I also had to select “Autoconnect” on the USB configuration
  3. Install ActiveSync. Many people have reported problems with the ActiveSync 4.5 beta and Parallels — I’d stick with the 4.2 version, at least until you’ve got everything running smoothly and are feeling lucky.
  4. Go to the USB menu in Parallels, and select your phone. For me it shows up as a device named “Generic RNDIS” (exhibiting Windows’ usual degree of obviousness)
  5. Plug in your phone, and cross your fingers

I’d gotten all the way up to the “cross your fingers” part working in the various beta builds, but this time it saw it and hooked it up just like that.

Of course, one of the obvious questions here is “why bother?” — Missing Sync works fairly well, and after unloading the kernel extension you have to reboot your Mac to get it back.

My main reason for bothering is that unfortunately, some Smartphone software is only available with a Windows Installer — if there’s no cab file version available, your only way to install is to run a Windows program. I’ve got other Windows machines in my office that I can (and do) use to do this, but if I’m out of the office with just my MacBook Pro, I’d like to be able to install software, or (more likely) reinstall software if there’s a problem.

And now I can. Hurray!

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