Patriots pull one out for New England, Jackson & Timberlake pull one out for the audience…

February 1, 2004

It’s always nice when you have a SuperBowl that isn’t yet another ho-hum blowout.  The Pats win it by 3 in the final seconds, and the Panthers manage to beat the seven point spread—something for everyone.

Apparently deciding that the halftime show needed to offer something for everyone too, Janet Jackson & Justin Timberlake ended the final number by ripping off some clothes and exposing one of Jackson’s breasts (link not safe for work). 

Of course, everyone’s now claiming that it’s an accident, and not a way to try to get extra time tacked on to either performer’s overused fifteen minutes.


If the halftime showed us nothing else, it did prove that Kid Rock either needs to get some new material, or at least show us one of his girlfriend’s hooters to keep up.

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