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April 15, 2004

One of my least-favorite things about most notebooks is having to carry the “power brick” along. 

MacResQ MiniAC Adapter

Most power bricks on modern “high power” notebooks are large, heavy, and use a standard computer power cord.  By the time you’ve got everything stuffed into the bag, they seem to take nearly as much room as the computer themselves, and add noticeably to the weight.

So naturally, one of the first PowerBook accessories I purchased was the MacResQ MiniAC adapter

It’s small, (roughly 4” x 1” x 1.5″), light (7 oz), and fits nicely in any available nook or cranny of my notebook bag.  The outlet prongs swing out from the unit, and it’s designed to wrap the cord around the adapter and has a little velcro strap to keep everything in place.  Small, neat, and well organized.  It also appears to be one of the few “mini adapters” that has a high-enough wattage output (65 watt) for the current crop of PowerBooks and iBooks (the older G3 adapters are only 45 watt).

My only (minor) complaint about it is that there is no “lighted tip” or any other positive charging indicator on it as there is on the stock Apple power supply.  Since my PowerBook is a little finicky about having the jack in “just so”, it’s nice to have that as positive feedback.  But this is fairly minor—I still have the indicator on the status line, and for the tradeoff of small, light, and cheap, it’s a small loss.

The price is cheap—$59.99, and just got cheaper; you can get $10 off with a “Q-Pon” code “BACKIN”.  G4 MiniAC Adapter

They are also offering the same deal on the G3 MiniAC Adapter, using the Q-Pon code “G3MINI”.

I’m not sure how long the discount is for, so I wouldn’t wait too long if you want one (not that it isn’t a good buy at $60 normally).

Check it out.


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