Practicing what you preach

November 15, 2005

In light of all of the various “how to get good blog traffic” articles that have been hurtling around lately, Jack of All Blogs has put up a list of the The Ten Evilest and Mostly Unethical Blogging Hacks.

My favorite one was this one:

#2 Hack Elitists

It’s always better to piss people off than it is to cozy up to them. I have found that no one needs new blog friends but what all these stuck up folks need is someone to throw stones at them. A few really great people to piss off are Joi Ito, Jason Calacanis, Nick Denton, Jeremy Wright, Jason Kottke, and Jen Chung. They get upset and tell all there friends to not visit your site. In turn everyone visits your site.

And then he proceeded to do exactly that…

Looks like it’s working like a charm for him too — his first trackback was from Scoble, who simply referenced it as “a contrarian list”.

Calacanis should be descending on him like a ton of bricks any moment now too…


(via Memeorandom)

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