Proporta Laptop Sleeve Review

March 18, 2008

Proporta Laptop Sleeve
It seems like I’m always looking around for a better laptop sleeve. I’ve been rocking a Brenthaven Eclipse II sleeve for my 15″ Macbook Pro for awhile, and it’s a great sleeve, but for day-to-day stuff, I’d prefer something a bit more lightweight and “portfolio-like”.

Enter the new Proporta sleeve.

It’s stylish (if you don’t mind a bit of orange) and sturdy, but lightweight. The top flap opens halfway down the front, making it quick and easy to get the machine in and out. Even more interesting is that with the exception of one strap towards the top, the sides are wide open, and the ports are exposed.

Granted, it isn’t something I’d grab to go out in the rain with, but for bumping around the house or office, this thing rocks. You can leave the notebook in the sleeve, on the charger, and just grab it and go when you need it. I was a little worried that it’d get too hot charging while in the sleeve, but I’ve left mine charging in it for days at a time without it getting more than mildly warm.

The Proporta laptop sleeve is available in sizes for 13″, 15″ and 17″ laptops (I know it fits Macbooks and Macbook Pros — check the site for dimensions for other laptops), for $39.95.

Proporta Laptop Sleeve

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