Repo! The Genetic Opera

January 1, 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera
I got out to one of the local art house theaters today and saw Repo! The Genetic Opera.

It was God-awful.

Strike that. It wasn’t that bad — it might have made a nice direct-to-video piece. It had plenty of problems, but I’d have overlooked them if it had actually been the movie I wanted to see.

From a distance, it’s looked good for months — I love the clip for Zydrate Anatomy (below), but what I wanted to see was more of that; something a bit more camp, more Rocky Horror.

What we got instead was indeed opera, of the fairly dreary variety, which could have about as well been subtitled “Hey. Having kids sucks.”

There were some bright spots. Anthony Head can still do a pretty credible job of belting out a tune, and was arguably the male lead, instead of Paul Sorvino (who himself wasn’t terrible). Alexa Vega did well in the lead. Paris Hilton did not manage to stink up the film any more than it was otherwise stunk up.

Everybody else was just sketched in, tho. Why would you have Sarah Brightman in a musical and only let her do a miniscule amount of singing? Mosley and Ogre were intriguing as Luigi and Pavi Largo, but their characters weren’t allowed enough exposure to do anything with them. Zdunich’s “Grave Robber” from the Zydrate Anatomy scene barely got another five minutes beyond that.

The movie also layed an ungodly amount of “pipe” — I swear 2/3 of it was exposition trying to set the stage for a story that they didn’t have enough time remaining to tell.

This could have been so much more, if it had been done differently.

Here’s the three and a half minute highlight of the movie, if you’d rather not spend the $10 —

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2 Responses to “Repo! The Genetic Opera”

  1. Numinous on May 21st, 2009 5:13 pm

    I disagree with your review.

    The movie really was god awful.

    I was harassed into watching this film by a friend (now, not so much of one) who really wanted me to watch this catastrophe. All the while, the tasteless jackass expressed how great it was. He laughed at all the really bad jokes. Thought the really half-assed barely tolerable songs were great…

    … meanwhile, I was in pain. This film was nearly pure agony to watch. It was as if my brain had a billion tiny cuts, and someone was rubbing lemon juice on it.

    This should be used as an example of what a bad film is. It’s not bad, in the campy, fun way of Rocky Horror (which had really great songs). It wasn’t even Ed Wood, Plan 9 bad. (as in so hysterically bad, that you had to laugh)

    Repo was just bad, without any redeeming qualities. It was bad in a why that let you know that the makers of the film don’t really have a clue what good actually is.

    I hear it was done by the same guys who do the saw films. I guess people who are into death porn would find this film amusing (if they also had no taste in music).

    As for the rest of us. It’s not only not worth seeing. It should be actively avoided.

  2. TomP on August 8th, 2010 12:20 am

    Wow different strokes for different folks. As not everyone likes the summer blockbusters, this movie is certainly not for the masses. I think that it was a masterpiece though. It’s no Avatar and it doesn’t try to be. Nor is it trying to be Harry Potter. What it set out to do it did quite well though, IMO.

    It was financed by the financiers of Saw. It was not done by them. FWIW.
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