Serious Money from Google AdSense

March 22, 2005

If you’re a regular reader of this site, or even take a quick look around, you’ll know that I don’t make a habit of pitching products here (other than my own teleclasses occasionally), so you can bet that I’m pretty serious about it when I do it.

I’ve got a fair-sized handful of sites (other than this one) that I’ve put up over the years. About a year ago, I started putting up Google AdSense banners on some of them, hoping to make a buck or two.

Like most people, I made a buck or two. Nothing serious; beer money, or enough to pay for hosting (if I wasn’t in the hosting business.)

I figured that was the norm.

In the last six weeks or so, I noticed some people were making fairly serious money from AdSense. I did some snooping around, and finally broke down and bought a product — that consisted of an e-book of tips, and a tracking script — and increased my AdSense revenue by around 1500%.

That’s not a typo. I really did say 1500%.

The e-book goes over some ideas most people don’t consider regarding what colors to use for ads, which ad formats to use, and where to place them on the page (including performance statistics on various formats, colors and placements).

To be sure, the book probably doesn’t tell you a lot more than you could learn if you snoop around for a few weeks reading between the lines in some of the AdSense forums. But what’s a few weeks of your time worth? And there are a few key concepts in here I haven’t seen anywhere else.

The package also consists of an excellent tracking script that will tell you which formats are getting clicked on on which pages, what keywords and referers brought people to the page, even which ad was clicked (I didn’t even know you could track that). You can even use one installation of it to track your adSense performance on as many domains as you want. Best of all, all of the results stay on your site, where other people can’t see what keywords are performing well for you.

The suggestions, and the tracking script, appear to be acceptable within Google’s terms of service (their representatives have said as much on some of the forums).

The best part is that the whole thing is $99. I was happy to pay that just for the tracking script (it’s worth far more); between it and the tips, this thing paid for itself in very short order.

If you’re using, or considering using, Google AdSense, you need to click here and go buy this, now.

You’ll thank me when you see the check you get.

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