Simple Recipe for Automating TV Torrent Downloads

November 25, 2004

In a rational world, this would probably be embraced by the content publishers—Engadget’s How-To: Broadcatching using RSS.  In the present day US, it’s more likely to get you a lawsuit from the MPAA.

It would make entirely too much sense to tell people that they could do this all they want if they left the commercials in—let the networks monitor the trackers, (for that matter, let them host them—and even produce the video file), add them to their ratings numbers, and sell advertising based on it.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving; ads keep producing, shows are distributed using bandwidth other people pay for, there’s even room to keep niche genre shows and repurpose old content. (I’d love to get copies of some of Fox’s older comedies, particularly some that were too edgy to last—Howie Mandell’s “Good Grief” for instance, which will probably never make it to a DVD set)

Of course, this isn’t likely to happen for a large variety of reasons…

Oh well.

In the meantime, read the Engadget article and enjoy it while you can…


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