So long Wonderfalls — we hardly knew ye…

April 4, 2004

Series creator Tim Minear in YMExpiration DateMV tells the story of Fox’s initial enchantment with the series, which rapidly turned into cool disinterest before the first episode even aired, mis-promoted and under-promoted, as a mid-season replacement in the time slot of doom (Fox Friday Night).

Just what is it with Fox programming execs, anyway? Do the other execs make fun of them if they actually end up with a well-written and critically acclaimed show instead of another Joe Sixpack Millionaire?

Minear cautions fans not to waste their time or money trying to convince Fox to reverse their position.  Apparently the entire season is in the can, however, and it might be worth letting the studio (20th Century Fox, ironically enough) know if we’d be willing to buy a complete season DVD set.

Maybe we should just look for great shows being taken directly to DVD in the future.  Save a lot of time and trouble on everyone’s part.


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