Somebody has to drink the Folgers

May 9, 2005

bread coffee chocolate yoga has a great post on getting involved in an coffee “taste-test” for ABC’s 20/20.

Not surprisingly, it was quickly apparent that this was going to be one of hit-and-run “people pay too much for coffee” pieces.

stossel immediately started in with the slant: he read the prices of the different coffees and encouraged audience reaction at the “high” prices. “US$12 a pound!” he exclaimed. “can you believe it? that’s what the dean & deluca costs!”

i managed not to interject that i would happily pay much more for a beautiful cup of excellence or kona coffee.

So, after the coffee was all (incorrectly) brewed and the “tasting” done, the slant was “grocery store coffee is just as good and a lot cheaper.”

No surprises there… Maybe it’s even a good thing — after all, somebody has to drink the Folgers.

I drank Folgers for years, until I slowly came to understand the difference between good coffee and bad, and wanted coffee I could taste and enjoy.

Today, your average grocery store coffee (and really, most restaurant coffees, etc.) seem tasteless, bitter and thin to me. I still drink them when they’re the only thing around, but they’re subsitance coffees.

Likewise, Starbucks tastes bad to me too, but I’ll still drink that if I end up there with friends, etc.

Any coffee is better than no coffee.

Most people will never hassle with finding good roasts, grinding their own beans, investing in a good brewer, etc. Let them drink what they want to drink, and let it go.

But don’t suggest that good coffee isn’t worth the money. If someone is willing to pay the money for Starbucks, or a bag of Kona, or a high end espresso press, then that means it is worth exactly that much, to them.

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2 Responses to “Somebody has to drink the Folgers”

  1. Open Coffee Library Weblog on May 16th, 2005 9:40 am

    Somebody has to drink the Folgers

    [Coffee, Tea or Blog?] Apparently coffee can help you lose weight, at least according to this article from They studied 10 older (65-80 yr) and 10 younger (19-26 yr) men who were moderate consumers of caffeine. Caffeine inges…

  2. Kona Coffee Hawaii Adventures on April 7th, 2006 10:30 am

    It always suprises me when I go to a great restraurnt and all I get when I order coffee is a cup of folgers rather than a good cup of gourment coffee.

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