Sonic MyDVD Review

May 6, 2005

TivoBlog has a two-part review up of Sonic’s MyDVD 6.0 with the Tivo plug-in.

After a shakey start, it all seemed to go well…

Other then the hiccups I had with my initial installation, I am extremely happy with MyDVD thus far. The burning/transcoding process took rather long however, this is to be expected considering the fact that I have a somewhat slow computer. Next, I want to try editing a movie so that I can remove commercials.

Check it out…

Part 1Part 2

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One Response to “Sonic MyDVD Review”

  1. Maak on August 3rd, 2005 6:24 pm

    MYDVD is buggy trashy piece of shite. avoid.

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