Speaking of low budget music promotion…

August 4, 2004

As long as I’m on about low budget music promotion (or promotion of low budget music, for that matter), it’s worth mentioning Digital Music News’ “Bubbling Up” chart.

The “Bubbling Up” chart is a list of songs that are seeing increased demand on P2P networks, despite little or no radio airplay (and hey, you don’t get much less radio airplay than most of the groups I listen to).  Their point is that this is a “free” groundswell of interest, and should also result in increased sales of CDs with little or no promotion (other than the songs being available on P2P.)

While I’m sure that this concept will slice little cheese with the RIAA (ummm… do the math—if artists can release their stuff on P2P networks and sell CDs, why give 90%+ of the profits to the mu$ic indu$try?), I’m guessing that there’s probably a lot of merit to it.

The reason? 

Look at how many porn sites are now using distribution of “sample” material via P2P networks to drive membership sales.  Feel however you like about pornography, internet or otherwise, but two things that are very hard to dispute are that a) internet porn sites don’t spend a lot of time, effort, or money using promotional techniques that aren’t translating into immediate, hard (pardon the expression) bottom-line dollars, and b) historically, internet porn sites have always led the “mainstream” web by 6 – 18 months in working e-commerce technologies.


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