Stuck in the middle…

April 1, 2004

Despite using the Powerbook as my daily driver, here are the handful of things that I don’t see any solution for that will leave a Windows box on my desk for the forseeable future.

Internet Explorer Rich Text Editor—I’ve got client sites that use a lot of rich text editing features in IE; not only will these not run directly on Safari, there’s apparently not even an equivalent feature to tap in Webkit.  Unless I find a cost-effective solution fully encoded in Flash or Java, I’ll need a copy of IE on Windows around to support these sites.  (I’ve seen some Flash solutions that look promising, but they lack features like “clean up MS Word HTML” that are pretty essential when supporting the general public, who will paste from Word no matter how often you tell them not to).

ScriptX—I’ve got one client that does a number of printable reports from IE; the site uses MeadCo’s ScriptX to handle printer control.


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