SXSW Indie Music Torrent

March 8, 2005

Passing this along from my old friend Carl de Cordova

“I just wanted to let you know about something that is pretty cool….

South by South West (SXSW) is the largest independent music festival in the world, (held here in Austin next week) has released over 2.6 GIGs of new music in ipod/itunes friendly format!  This is the entire new music showcase of over 750 tunes…

check it out at:

I have been going to the festival every year for a while and its a terrific place to find new music.  They have ALL kinds of music, so your sure to find some new stuff that you will love.  Every year I find a few great new bands.

Use BitTorrent and let it go for a while… as more people find out about this it will get faster.  I think its amazing they have put all this up there for free… “

If you can’t get to SXSW this year, this may be the next best thing—check it out!

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One Response to “SXSW Indie Music Torrent”

  1. carl on March 10th, 2005 8:15 pm

    if your having problems with the 2.5 gig download, try grabbing the update.  Its only 20 songs but gives you a nice sample.  I hear they are going to be doing a few more updates as time goes by. 

    It took about a day and a half for me to get the file… but it was going a lot faster at the end…

    So far I have listened to about 70 of the songs… and I have found 3 bands that I am going to make every effort to see:

    Current Favorites:

    Amy Smith – 105 feet high

    Austin Hartley-Leonard – The Shore and Stars

    Jim & Jennie and the Pinetops – st. helens

    The music really varies… a few of the punk and experimental tracks are really strange, but i am sure it appeals to someone.

    Let me know if you hear any other bands that you like in the sampler..  I am still trying to put together my schedule.


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