The BBC is Podcasting “In Our Time”

November 25, 2004

Of course, not all is dross and disappointment in the world of content—the BBC is testing a “podcast” feature for their awesome “In Our Time” radio program on the history of ideas.  The program has a pretty broad sweep—for example, last week was on the history of Zoroastrianism, and this week they’re doing the hunt for the Higgs Bosun.

They’ve had MP3s available for awhile (a nice change of pace from their usual Real Awful Real Audio fare), but only for the current week, and I keep forgetting to go back and get each week’s broadcast.

So, I finally have a reason to play with iPodderX.  It’s pretty slick, actually—it installs preloaded with links for 700 – 800 or so podcasts.  I simply looked up “In Our Time”, told it to download whenever a new broadcast was available, and add it to the appropriate playlist in iTunes.  It got this week’s fine, and hopefully it’ll do the remembering for me, from here out.



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