The Challenged Aftermath

November 10, 2004

It’s 8 days past the election, and I don’t recall seeing fear and loathing on this scale since ‘72… Of course, we all remember how that ended up. 

Lawrence Lessig is calling for the release of the exit poll data, which should prove interesting.  It’s beginning to look fairly obvious that if the white-hot spotlight gets trained on the irregularities that occured, our faith in the ability of our country to hold an accurate and fair election is going to be deeply shaken. 

Regardless of whether it was due to malevolence or just incompetence.

Among all of the other FUD out there the last few months, I remember hearing “If Bush gets elected, it’ll be the last election held.” Who knows, this may turn out to be ironicly true—we may find out that much like sending a man to the moon, we no longer have the technology to hold a fair and accurate election. 

If indeed we ever did….


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