The Clover

October 30, 2005

The good folks at Bloggle alert us to a new buzz among the buzzed — the Clover single cup brewing system from Coffee Equipment Company.

The Clover seems to have been developed amid a fair amount of secrecy, but the wraps finally came off this week at an open house at Victrola Coffee’s new roasting facility. The Victrola Coffee Blog has detailed information, along with some great pictures…

The Clover brews one cup at a time, a concept that has momentum in the world of mediocre coffee service and pre-ground “pod” machines, but little currency in the world of specialty roasters. But the clover is very different from any of these other brew-per-cup schemes. It delivers flawless cup quality, with granular control of brew parameters from freshly ground coffee, and delivers with unbelievable speed. Speed enough that it can hold its own against big drip brewers in a high volume retail setting, but with a cup quality which rivals – comparing to vacuum pot or well-prepared french press. Read on for our exclusive first look…

This looks like the real deal — capable of actually producing a great single cup of brewed coffee from your choice of whole beans, on demand. Unfortunately, it also looks like it’s aimed squarely at the food service industry, and probably won’t scale down in a reasonable fashion for consumer use.

Chris Tacy also has a write-up on the Clover, and at CoffeeGeek, the CoffeeKid hisself has gotten a look, and is supposed to get up close and personal with the machine in the next few weeks.

Andrew Barnett of Ecco Cafe and I did a down and dirty test against “cupping” coffee. I was amazed at how the “cup” feel of the Clover was. Not as much body delivered compared to the cupping sample, but very intriguing cup.

It’ll be interesting to see how well the Clover lives up to it’s hype as units get out and start getting some use…

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