The Dawn of Legit Music Downloads

October 30, 2003

Well, iTunes Music Store on Windows has cost me a bunch of money so far… I like the organization, the samples, the ability to see related artists and everything—it was very easy to end up with a huge laundry list of backlist stuff that I’ve been meaning to acquire and add to my library, and so I broke down and acquired some of it.

Not from iTunes Music Store, mind you…

iTunes doesn’t share the iPod nicely (to put it mildly) with J. Rivers Music Center, which is by far my favorite piece of music organizing and iPod handling software.

That particular pain in the ass, combined with having to deal with the music being in a different format (AAC) from how I store everything else, having to deal with digital rights management to make sure I can play it on every player (either handheld or on my desktop or other home machine) I want made me wonder why I’d pay $10 an album, rather than going down to the used CD store, buying a perfectly clean used copy for $8 and ripping it myself in my preferred format.

So that’s what I did…

Which also makes me feel slightly better about all those times I went into a bookstore and ended up ordering from Amazon… I also didn’t mind that the “RIAA Tax” had already been paid on the album and I didn’t put any more in their pocket buying used…

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One Response to “The Dawn of Legit Music Downloads”

  1. Numit on February 21st, 2004 5:06 am

    Yeeeahd, it’s csool

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