The Dead – Fast Learners

December 1, 2005

Okay, my faith has been somewhat restored in The Dead — apparently they’re a lot faster learners than most of the record labels —

After the Grateful Dead angered some of its biggest fans by asking a nonprofit Web site to halt the free downloading of its concert recordings, the psychedelic jam band changed its mind Wednesday.

Internet Archive, a site that catalogues content on Web sites, reposted recordings of Grateful Dead concerts for download after the surviving members of the band decided to make them available again.

Band spokesman Dennis McNally said the group was swayed by the backlash from fans, who for decades have freely taped and traded the band’s live performances.

“The Grateful Dead remains as it always has — in favor of tape trading,” McNally said.

He said the band consented to making audience recordings available for download again, although live recordings made directly from concert soundboards, which are the legal property of the Grateful Dead, should only be made available for listening from now on.

Cool ‘nuf; everybody makes mistakes, and it’s nice to know that GDM recognizes a freight train barrelling towards them when they see one.

I’m guessing the best part of this is that a whole lot of new listeners have now been turned on to the live recordings archive.

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