The Merry Xmas Help Desk

December 25, 2004

Out in the blogosphere, there are those dedicated souls (or at least ‘acutely aware of the traffic potential souls’) who are posting helpful hints for the more geek-laden booty… Me, I’m just reblogging ‘em. 

PVRblog has helpful hints for people who got a PVR for XMAS.  They’ve covered critical items for Tivo, ReplyTV, and Windows Media Center.

For those lucky enough to have received an iPod for Xmas, Hack a day has pointers on jHymn, the latest incarnation of the Hymn Project, which will make your purchases from iTunes Music Store a little less.. um.. restrictive.  (Note – if you’re in the US, or another country with the equivalent of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, move along—nothing to see here, as you wouldn’t want to break the law.)

Did you get a new component for your computer?  A new drive, sound card, video card?  ExtremeTech will walk you through installing it.

Merry Xmas, and don’t forget to check out =my= holiday offering, a free teleclass for those of you who’d like a little more traffic on your website in the New Year…


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  1. theresa on November 13th, 2005 2:14 am

    I am desperately trying to find a used but useable playstation or gamecube and games for my boys.we were
    devastated by hurricane dennis and on the mend but ijust would like to be able to give them one thing they really want! can pay a little.
    thank you!

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