The Miskatonic Acid Test

March 13, 2005

Mr. Kesey, meet Mr. Lovecraft…

The best part of remix culture is that there are some rather uniquely twisted folks out there… Take for example The Miskatonic Acid Test.

“The premise is this: in 1969 a group of students at Miskatonic University in witch-haunted Arkham, Massachusetts decided to emulate the West Coast and put on their own sort of “happening”, where “music and atmosphere could combine to create an alteration of consciousness”, with the clandestine help of a little LSD. Or maybe a lot. Unfortunately, the professor they chose to serve as faculty adviser on the project had an agenda of his own; see, he was a philosophy professor, one who specialized in the “study of Evil”, and one who saw the Miskatonic Acid Test as an opportunity for a little experiment. As the music and drugs reached their peak he ascended the stage and began to read incantations from the dread Necronomicon…”

The guy responsible (or irresponsible, as the case may be), “Dark Lord Rob” says that the plan is to finish editing this spring, and start hitting the film festival circuit with it…

You can meet the cast, view the trailer and read the script here.

(via boing boing)


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