The more things change…

March 5, 2005

Steve Gilmor’s just managed to sum up pretty much the same thing I’ve been thinking about Google’s new Autolink hijack product, in “Deaf dumb and blind boys”.  Once more into the breech, friends…

“So just when everybody thinks there is no new Borg, along comes Larry, Moe, and Sergey to take over the show. The thing that’s making me angry is not that history is repeating itself, but that stupidity is repeating itself. How hard is it to realize that delivering a service that makes users feel powerless is not a good thing. Particularly users with loaded weapons called blogs and ‘casts. Who cares if you can do it because. Forget the stuff about do no evil. Do no stupid.”

We didn’t put up with this when Microsoft wanted to do it, we aren’t going to put up with it now, and we won’t put up with it when the next great hope decides to resurrect the idea yet again.

Why is it that no matter how user oriented a company is, sooner or later they turn the corner and decide that they suddenly have a mandate to ram crap down people’s throats?

We ain’t gonna take it.  Yet again.


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