Them good ol’ days

April 26, 2004

Eris Designs has a real cute four-part series up on How to care for your web designer.  I enjoyed reading it, but it sure makes me nostalgic for them good ol’ days of 1997 – 1999…

I got a particular kick out of the “phrases that must be avoided at all costs”…

“Make my site look like this other site”

Of course I can.  I’ll even tell you why you don’t want that, but only the once—you’ll probably be back to hear it again later, when I’ll gently remind you that I warned you it’d cost more to do it wrong and fix it than to do it right in the first place.

“Can you get it done in a few days?”

Probably, the operating question being “which few days?” How do you feel about “rush fees?”

“I don’t have any content, I’ll just fill all that in later.”

Not a problem.  When you get tired of looking at Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, etc., we’ll get your real content patched in. 

Maybe I should write up a series on “The new ‘net—how to keep eating through flexibility…” At some point, even the prima donnas start to develop that lean and hungry look


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