Time together — alone

October 20, 2005

Over on Coffee Geek, Chris Pluger explores the existential meaning of why we go to coffee shops to sit with a bunch of people we don’t speak to, in “Two Hours of Joint Solitude“.

Eric Clapton is jamming away on the guitar solo of Layla. The windows look out on a parking lot, which looks out on a major through street. People who had to work late on a Friday night are bustling past in their cars on the way home. There are eight other customers and two employees behind the bar. There are two college girls studying. One guy sitting by himself, trying to flirt with one of the girls. Another guy in a corner and wearing his heart on his sleeve, and a third doing paperwork and talking on a cell phone. Three middle-aged ladies are clustered together, talking about real estate and home improvements and the gazebo that one had built in her back yard. Then there’s me.

Me, I suspect that sometimes you’ve got to be reassured that life is going on, even if it’s ignoring you at the moment (or vice versa).

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