Time Travelers Strictly Cash

July 31, 2003

There are certain rules of modern society we have come to learn, sometimes the hard way… One of them is “don’t make eye contact with the obviously crazy person”.

I’m sure some of you received the series of spams from the guy claiming to be a lost time traveller in need of spare parts—I probably got a couple of dozen of them, chuckled, and deleted them without bothering to wonder what the inevitable sales pitch would be.

Some people can’t leave sleeping dogs lie however… Here N!kke chronicals the adventures of a guy who followed up and offered the spammer the equipment was looking for

It’s actually quite a hoot—the guy even went so far as to build an Alien Technology Online Catalog as part of the gag.

Of course, if you play with crazy people long enough, things are eventually going to take a nasty turn.

After going so far as sending product samples (!), it finally become clear that the putative time traveler on the other end really thought this was all real. 

Our would-be chrono-entrepeneur finally admits the gag to him, and finally resorts to a gag reminiscent of Hunter Thompson’s “Savage Lucy” approach to fend him off.

And of course, the guy now has his address from the packaging of the “sample”.

Fortunately all’s well that ends well, and it looks like this one finally petered out, just leaving an amusing if cautionary story for the rest of us…

Kids, don’t try this at home…

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